Buck Gardner Predator 4-Pack Combo - Coyote - $35.88

All the predator calls you need in one money-saving combo. The Power Pack includes four versatile calls: Distressed Rabbit with Mouse Squeaker, Ultimate Coaxer, 2Fur and Raspy Cotton Jack. As a bonus, you also get the instructional Straight Talk CD with demos for all four calls plus bonus predator hunting info. Use the Ultimate Coaxer for bird-in-distress or rodent sounds. Distressed Rabbit with Mouse Squeaker reproduces the sounds of an agitated rabbit, including a long-range scream to lure in predators from miles away. Get them in close and use the Mouse Squeaker to finish the job. 2Fur is a versatile two-in-one call for coyote vocalizations including the ki-yi, bark and howl. Work it as an open-reed call to achieve a raspy jack or a smooth cottontail. The must-have Raspy Cotton Jack imitates everything from the raspiest jackrabbit to the higher pitches of a cottontail. Made in USA. Color: Coyote. Type: Predator Kits. - $35.88


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