Brunton Torpedo 2600 Rechargeable Battery Pack - $39.95

The Brunton Torpedo 2600 may look like a light saber, but it's really a killer rechargeable battery pack. Stick in your vehicle 12V accessory port or hook it up to a Micro USB, then take it off the grid to power your phone, GPS or other small electronics. Charge time for the Torpedo is 2-3 hours in the vehicle accessory port and 3 hours from a USB source. Has two USB 2.0 outlet ports. With smart phones, tablets, GPS and MP3 players you'll get 1-3 recharges with the fully charged Torpedo. While plugged into the vehicle's accessory port you can also run things like your sat nav system. Has a LED power meter to show you the state of the unit's charge. Machined aluminum housing for extreme durability and performance. Recharge your devices; keep those wasteful disposable batteries out of our landfills. A great accessory for those long road trips that include time in the backcountry. Made in USA. - $39.95


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