Brunton Link Lantern - $9.99

Brunton Link Lantern. Rechargeable and super bright! Linkable lanterns for lighting up the night! This Brunton Link Lantern pumps out a bright 40 lumens, and with the built-in USB ports it can be chained together with as many units as you need. Plus, the internal lithium battery is rechargeable, so you'll never have to worry about dead or dying batteries. Great for camping, hunting, power outages, and more. Features: Diffused lens keeps the glare down Powers and charges from a USB cord, Brunton power packs or solar panels Shines a bright 40 lumens 6-hour battery life With both USB in and out, you can chain as many units together as you need Built-in carabiner clip acts as a stand or suspension loop!!! Limited Quantities !!! - $9.99


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