Browning Sporter Safes - $1,179.99

With extra-thick 12-ga. steel bodies, hardened-steel pin-lock protection and Force Deflector Locking Systems, count on Brownings Sporter Series Safes for exceptional firearm security from theft and a 60-min. fire rating (at 1,400F). Internal shelving and barrel racks can be quickly and easily adjusted, plus the cantilevered design eliminates the need for vertical shelf support when you want to add a little extra space for storing guns, ammo and other valuables. Elevated floor ensures your gun stocks stay protected. Versatile DPX Storage System on the back of the door includes flexible polymer wings that allow firearms to be pushed or pulled from the rack with ease adding both value and convenience. Rugged 1-thick formed doors have partial inner plates, as well as 1-diameter chromed locking bolts on the top and sides for added security. Decorative outer scroll detailing and three-spoke chrome handle. - $1,179.99


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