Brad's Wee Wigglers - Silver/Black - $2.88

Wiggling action entices hungry fish to strike and aggravates every other fish into doing the same. Durable two-piece molded construction. Dives to 4-8 ft. when casting or 10 ft. when trolling. Per each. Size: 2-1/4, 1/3 oz. Colors: (003)Metallic Silver/Black Red Belly, (006)Blue Pirate, (007)Fluorescent Pink, (012)Green Pirate, (016)Metallic Pink/Black Bill, (017)Fluorescent Red with Black Herringbone, (020)Copper Red Herringbone, (024)Nickel/Red Herringbone, (029)Cerise/Purple Herringbone/Blue, (030)Black with Silver Flakes/Red BT, (039)Metallic Gold/Flo Red Back, (074)Firetiger, (075)Dark Copper Red Eyes, (105)California Watermelon, (117)Pink Lazer, (135)Gold Black/Red Bill, (286)Watermelon. Color: Silver/Black. Type: Crankbaits. - $2.88


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