Brad's Super Bait - Black Magic - $9.49

If salmon, lake trout or walleye are your target fish for the day, don't get caught without a Brad's Super Bait. Its split-cavity, patent-pending design produces a tantalizing rotating action you can set for a tight or wide roll. Troll it, cast it, plunk it or back bounce it. Includes a six-bead chain swivel and scent pad. Use it with double-treble or single siwash hook options (siwash not available in Hot Lava color). Add scent or a small fillet for added enticement. Comes rigged with 60 of 40 lb. test line.Size: 4-1/2 . Colors: (002)Black Magic, (016)Seahawk, (008)Lemon Lime, (014)Mountain Doo, (005)Watermelon, (011)Lady Charmer, (006)Hot Lava, (013)Hot Tamale. Color: Black Magic. Type: Lures. - $9.49


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