Brad's KillerFish - Rainbow (4) - $7.59

When you want to wrestle with a big king, rig up with the tremendous salmon-agitating action and strike-inducing rattles of Brads KillerFish. Sharp, strong VMC hooks deliver deep hooksets. Fish them naked or wrapped, these tunable lures feature handpicked color combinations and outstanding finishes. Per each. Sizes: 4, 4-3/4, 5-1/4. Colors: (001)Silverbullet, (014)Mountain Doo, (015)Jack Pot, (016)Seahawk, (024)Pink Magic, (025)Blue Magic, (036)Double Up, (040)Candy Corn, (050)Glow Nose, (061)Slammer, (062)Psycho Clown, (063)Scrapper, (064)Willies Secret, (065)Brads Secret, (066)Double Take, (067)Blue Melon, (068)Dragon Fly II, (077)Parrot, (086)Kenai Rainbow. Size: 4. Color: Rainbow. Type: Crankbaits. - $7.59


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