Bow-Mag .38 / .357 Magnum Arrowhead 6-Pk. - $29.99

Bow-Mag .38 / .357 Magnum Arrowhead 6-Pk. Bow hunting meets firearm stopping power! Technological breakthrough! The Bow-Mag Arrowhead delivers lethal stopping force to the biggest hunting targets... Hogs, Coyote and more. Just add your own bullet to the Bow-Mag Arrowhead cylinder, twist until the casing threads lock into place, and you are ready to go!Explosive: The stealthy, silent delivery of an arrow The powerful punch of a .38 or .357 Magnum bullet Fits most conventional arrows and bolts Round does not fire until it hits your target Includes 450 grain practice tip for sighting. Bullets and arrows not included. Sold in packs of 6USA made - $29.99


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