Bounty Hunter 4 Gold Nugget Detector Coil - $39.99

Take your Bounty Hunter Metal Detector on a search for the most precious metal of them all gold! Attach this 4 coil to manual or automatic ground balancing Bounty Hunter detectors. You can even use this smaller coil in water without leakage problems. With this coil you'll be able to scan the ground without interference from trace minerals, trash or black sand. It is highly sensitive and offers superior performance, especially when hunting for smaller objects such as gold nuggets or small pieces of jewelry. The 4 coil is more responsive than the large standard coil Bounty Hunter detectors come with, so it will work better when looking for tiny objects that are not buried too deeply. This 4 coil will greatly increase the versatility of your Bounty Hunter metal detector, while making your hunting pursuits more successful. Coil is easy to assemble and requires no special tools. Color: Gold. - $39.99


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