Boss Buck 350lb. 12-Volt Feeder - $399.99

A versatile and sturdy all-weather feeder that quickly and easily converts from an automatic timer feeder to a protein feeder. Use 3 of the sections to set it up as a protein feeder, or set it up using aall 4 pieces to set it at a height of 100 for an automatic feeder. Legs are 14-gauge, galvanized steel.. The 4 piece ALL-IN leg system sections are 25 each. (Recommended height of protein head is 75; Height of spin cast is 100.) The 3/8-thick walls of the 30-lb. plastic hopper are UV-resistant and the lids loose fit allows proper ventilation. Hopper holds 350 lbs. of corn or 300 lbs. of large protein pellets. Battery not included.Made in USA. Capacity: 350 lbs. - $399.99


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