Boss Audio Systems ATV25B All Terrain Sound System - $199.99

The Boss Audio ATV25B portable sound system goes almost anywhere you do-on your boat, quad/ATV, or off-road pickup truck. The ATV25B connects directly to your battery or plugs into a cigarette lighter/12v power source to deliver quality sound from an internal amp with a max rating of 450 Watts. For something that will undoubtedly get splashed with mud and water, the ATV25B All Terrain Sound System is fully inchmarinizedinch and the weather resistant speakers have a waterproof poly injected cone. An adapter that goes from your battery, or power terminals, to the attached cigarette lighter is included with the ATV25B as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack that you can plug into. The ATV25B works with your Bluetooth device and music apps such as Slacker Radio. Two heavy-duty Zip ties and mounting straps with velcro allow you to mount the ATV25B pretty much anywhere you want it whether it be your roll bar, the front rack of your quad, or the awning on your boat. There is also a bracket to mount the inline controls. The Boss Audio ATV25B gives you music on the go-on or off road, or on the water. Connects directly to battery or plugs into cigarette lighter. Includes power terminal/cigarette lighter adapter. Comes with heavy-duty mounting straps3.5mm headphone jack included. Compatible with Bluetooth Fully weather resistant450-Watt internal amp. Manufacturer model#: ATV 25. - $199.99