Boone Squid Skirts 4-1/4 - Chartreuse (BLUE) - $5.19

From salmon and mackerel to dorado, marlin and even halibut, squid are one of the most productive saltwater trolling lures. Boons replacement Squid Skirts are perfect for your favorite squid rigs. Per 10. Size: 4-1/4. Colors: (096)Silver/Pink, (141)Pink/Silver, (402)Pink/Yellow/Pearl, (652)Blue/Black/Silver, (701)Purple/Pink/Silver, (707)Blue/Yellow/Silver, (899)Blue/Pink/Clear, (928)Blue/Silver/Yellow, (951)Chartreuse/Orange/Green. Size: BLUE. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Offshore Trolling. - $5.19


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