Bomber A-Salt Minnow - Silver - $10.19

The Bomber A-Salt Minnow swims with a true-running death wiggle. An internal weighting system provides precise, bullet-like casts. A-Salt is a deadly weapon every shallow-water trophy hunter should have. Its tight, tuned wiggle and outstanding fish-catching powers are protected by super-strong, ultrahigh-modulus polycarbonate. The Bomber A-Salt Minnow is further enhanced by Saltwater Grade hooks, hangers and split rings. Dives 4-6 ft. Per each. Size: 5-3/4, 1 oz. Colors: (003)Black, (004)Baby Bluefish, (005)Silver Flash/Red Head, (006)Purple/Black Back, (007)Silver Herring, (008)Baby Bunker. Color: Silver. Type: Crankbaits. - $10.19


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