Bomber Long A B15 Shallow Diver - Silver/Black - $6.49

The long, slender profile and super-tight wiggling action of the streamlined Bomber Long A B15 Shallow Diver create a lifelike swimming motion. The internal rattles sound out in a loud rhythm to draw the attention of open-water fish over long distances. Floats quickly while at rest to entice added strikes during a stop-and-go retrieve. Dives to 3 ft. Per each. Size: 4-1/2, 1/2 oz. Colors: (002)Purple/Green Black-Orange Belly, (011)Purple/Pink Spots/Chartreuse, (021)Firetiger, (030)Silver/Blue Back, (198)Silver/Black Orange, (322)Chartreuse Orange Belly, (445)Crazy Crush, (446)Disco Ball, (447)Fruity Crush, (448)Grape Crush, (449)Hot Coco Crush, (450)Lemonade Crush, (451)Mint Chocolate Crush, (452)Northern Lights, (453)Orange Crush, (454)Sorbet Crush. Color: Silver/Black. Type: Stick Baits. - $6.49


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