Bomber Certified Depth Series Saltwater Crankbaits - Sunrise - $16.59

Veteran saltwater anglers know when fish are feeding at specific depths, a couple vertical feet can make or break a day. Certified to run at specific depths right out of the box every time. This allows for extreme precision when trying to target fish at specific depths. Tough enough to handle the most vicious saltwater species, these baits boast VMC Perma Steel hooks, which are attached to a one-piece through-wire hanger system. The VMC Incline hooks increase stability, resulting in a truer-running lure. Per each. Sizes: 6, 2 oz. (25 ft. depth) 8, 4 oz. (30 ft. depth) Colors: (100)Bonita (not shown), (303)Spanish Mackerel, (309)Silver Flake/Red Head, (312)Holo Dorado, (313)Baby Striper, (314)Silver Flake/Blue Back, (326)Purple Crush, (330)Cotton Candy,(331)Classic Red Head, (341)Silver Mullet, (399)Hot Pink, (413)Sunrise. Color: Sunrise. Type: Saltwater Hard Baits. - $16.59


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