Blakemore Road Runner Barbed Glow Head - Chartreuse - $3.99

N-Tense Glow Paint on Blakemores Road Runner Barbed Glow Head shines in the dark to attract fish in murky water. Hammered brass willow blade produces a flash that pulls crappie and walleye in like a magnet. Barbed collar holds plastic trailers firmly in place. Per 4. Sizes: 1/8 oz. - #1 Hook 1/4 oz. - #2/0 Hook 3/8 oz. - #3/0 Hook Colors: (501)White Luminescent, (508)Orange, (512)Chartreuse, (622)Chartreuse/Lime, (635)Bubble Gum, (641)Chartreuse/Orange. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Specialty Jigs. - $3.99


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