BlackOut Bear 3D Archery Target - $219.99

Premium, life-sized bear. Simulates a 200+ lb. bear. Long lasting Woodland foam. Signature Series foam insert. Takes broadheads and field points. Takes recurves, compounds, and crossbows. Easy arrow removal Body dimensions: 44x12x26Foam insert dimensions: 28x28x10At 44 long, Black. Out Bear 3D Archery Target realistically simulates a 200+ lb. bear-an exciting addition to your backyard archery range or 3D shoot! It's built of long lasting, resilient Woodland foam, with a replaceable Signature Series foam insert that will stand up to the toughest practice. The target takes broadheads and field points from recurves, compounds, and crossbows, and offers easy arrow removal. Body dimensions: 44x12x26. Foam insert dimensions 28x28x10. - $219.99