Blackberry Patch Syrups and Pancake Mix - $24.99

Transform your breakfast time from a usual routine to a culinary event with delicious pancakes and syrup in these Blackberry Patch Gift Crates. Each comes with two 12-oz. fruit syrups, including one with raspberry and blackberry syrups and the other with sumptuously unique roasted pecan and blueberry flavors. The syrups are made from whole, ripe berries and nuts, and also make great toppings for ice cream and other desserts. You also receive a 12-oz. package of pancake mix that's easy to use because all you do is add water. The syrups and mix come in a special hand-crafted wooden gift box set that's a great gift idea for the holidays. Available: Raspberry/Blackberry, Roasted Pecan/Blueberry. Type: Food Kits. - $24.99


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