Birchwood Casey Gun Care Products - Natural - $7.99

Trust innovative Birchwood Casey products to keep your firearm spotless and in prime condition. Available: Double-strength Super Blue Liquid Gun Blue was made for blueing highly polished steel components and hardened steel alloys with high amounts of nickel and chrome. It is extremely blue. The manufacturer advises caution during application confine the solution to the area being reblued. This extremely rich formula can effect the existing blue. Size: 3 ounces. The Bore Scrubber 2-in-1 Bore Cleaner does it all. It dissolves and removes all types of barrel fouling lead, copper, plastic, carbon and powder. Rust-preventing additives provide long-lasting protection after each cleaning. Works safely and easily with shotguns, rifles and handguns. This formula contains no highly toxic ingredients. Size: 5 ounces. The Gun Stock Wax enhances the natural beauty of your wood stock and it won't rub off like oil. It combines a durable blend of carnuba, beeswax and silicone to produce a lustrous, water-repellent film. Shielding and beautifying, this blend protects your firearm's finish from weather and handling, and it prevents finish cracking. Size: 3 ounces. Barricade Rust Protection is the first line of defense against rust. Its scientific formula extracts unwanted moisture from porous metals while forming a protective film that seals out moisture. Subjected to extreme humidity and salt spray tests, this formula maintained its protective shield during days of prolonged exposure. This solution can also be used as a rust-loosening solvent, a passable lubricant and an effective bore cleaner. Size: 6-ounce aerosol. Prevent stuck choke tubes. The Choke Tube Lube lubricates against tube-seizing damage caused by corrosion, high-stress steel shot, extreme temperatures and pressure, and rapid-fire rounds of trap and skeet shooting. Shield Color: Natural. Type: Solvents. - $7.99


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