Birchwood Casey Game Targets (EZE SCORER BAD GUY) - $4.99

Get your game on at the shooting range by adding a new dimension of fun to marksmanship improvement. Challenge a shooting partner with your favorite dartboard game on the Shot Board. Try a version of the popular Battleship game and see who can sink their opponents fleet first with the Battle at Sea target. Or take a trip back in time to the Wild West and take on gunslingers with the Saloon Shoot Out. If golf is your game, play a round with your gun using the Chip Shot target. All of the targets leave an easy-to-see halo around each bullet hit, making it easy to keep score. Per 8. Made in USA. 18H x 12W Available: Battleship at Sea, Shot Board, Saloon Shoot Out, Chip Shot, Star Burst, EZE Scorer Bad Guy. Size: EZE SCORER BAD GUY. Type: Targets. - $4.99


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