Birchwood Casey Dirty Bird 3-Gun Nation Target - $13.99

Birchwood Casey designed their 3-Gun Nation Targets for the exciting sport of 3-gun. Every time a bullet impacts on a Dirty Bird 3-gun target an intense white inchsplatterinch appears around the hole that makes spotting your shots easy-no need to walk out to your target to see where the holes are. 3-Gun Nation Targets feature 2 scoring areas-1 red and 1 black. One hit in the primary, red zone is considered a neutralized target or 2 hits anywhere in the secondary, black zone. Dirty Bird 3-Gun Nation Targets are constructed from non-adhesive, heavy tagboard, allowing you to affix to any surface you wish, add notes to the back, and easily save the targets for future reference. 5 targets per pack.Makes spotting your shots easy. Features 2 scoring areas. Heavy tagboard construction. Designed for 3-gun shooting - $13.99