Birchwood Casey Complete Perma Blue Paste Gun Blue Kit - $18.99

Restore the deep blue finish of your gun and erase years of scratches and nicks. This kit includes all the tools needed to expertly complete a reblueing project from start to finish. A 3-oz. Cleaner/Degreaser and a 3-oz. Blue and Rust Remover prepare your gun for the reblueing process. Seal out moisture before you apply any blue with Barricade Rust Protection Wipes. The wipes extract moisture from the microscopic pores in metal, then fill in and seal its surface with a protective film. The 2-oz. tube of Perma Blue Paste methodically blues your gun with its slow-acting formula, which produces a dense, long-lasting finish. The paste gives a rich blue-black finish to most steels, but will not blacken aluminum, stainless steels or other non-ferrous metals. A detailed, easy-to-follow instructional manual takes you from start to finish. Kit includes: 2-oz. Perma Blue Paste Gun Blue 3-oz. Cleaner-Degreaser 3-oz. Blue and Rust Remover 00-grade steel wool pads Blueing applicators, a sponge and a service cloth Barricade Rust Protection Gun Wipes Complete instruction guide Color: Blue. - $18.99


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