Billy Baits Mini Turbo Slammer - Cable Bait Rig - $14.99

This famous Billy Baits lure is a smoking rocket in the water! The Mini Turbo Slammer will catch virtually any fast-swimming species, from dolphin and wahoo to marlin. The Mini Turbo Slammer is designed with a nickel-plated brass bullet head with an extra-flashy, pulsating Mylar skirt. When trolled at high speeds, with or without bait, the Mini Turbo Slammer is deadly effective. This Mini Turbo Slammer is rigged on 3' of 135-lb. test cable with a Mustad single hook, a #5 swivel and rigging pin.Ideal for fast-swimming species. Great for dolphin, wahoo, and marlin. Nickel-plated brass bullet head. Extra-flashy, pulsating Mylar skirt - $14.99


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