Big Sky Carvers Bearfoots Collectible Figurines - $19.99

The Bearfoots bears are known for their fun representations of everyday life with a beary outdoor twist. Grab these styles of large and mini figurines before theyre gone for good! Restock your current collection or start a new one while theyre still available. Made of durable, hand-cast resin and designed by artist Jeff Fleming. Available: Forest Nap 6.75H x 7.5W. Happy Trails 5H x 3.5W x 5D. Campfire Memories 4.5H x 4.5W x 8D. Hang In There 4.5H x 3W. Nap Time 4.5H x 6W x 7.5D. Wedding Couple 6H x 4.5W. Kissin Bears 4H x 6W. Type: Bear Foot Sculptures. - $19.99


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