Big Al's Fish Flash - Chartreuse - $12.49

After years of perfecting its unique design, Big Als Fish Flash cleanly rotates around its linear axis, sends out a brilliant flash and a fish-attracting vibration, works at any speed and is virtually drag-free. Draws strikes from salmon, kokanee, trout, steelhead and other game fish. Per each. Sizes: 6, 8, 10. Colors: (001)Plaid, (002)Red, (003)Green, (004)Chartreuse, (006)Silver, (007)Lime Bomb, (008)Chartreuse Lazer, (010)Lazer Chartreuse and Red, (011)Tracker Plaid Red, (194)Aurora Green/Aurora Chartreuse, (210)Holo Plaid, (301)Tail Light, (303)Red/Orange/Pearl, (305)High-Tower, (313)Dreamer, (395)Lazy C, (600)Chartreuse/FE HH Chomp, (617)Chartreuse/Orange, (648)White/Orange, (934)Aurora Blue/Pearl, (989)Orange Pearl. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Flashers. - $12.49


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