Bert's Custom Tackle Planer Board Mast Systems - $69.99

Customize your planer system to meet your exact needs without spending a fortune for extra items that you'll never use. The Planer Board Mast System gives you the ability to run your lines out up to 150 feet away from the boat for superior coverage of the water with each trolling pass. The masts are crafted of anodized aluminum and each mast is supported by a 1/2 thick heavy-duty aluminum base that slides into a Bert's Track for fast mounting and easy removal when it's time to pack up for the day. The large-diameter reels wind in 1-1/2 feet of line with every revolution and easily adjust up and down on the mast. The built-in adjustable clutch and brake system keep tension on the line as you pay it out to prevent tangles. Track not included. Available: 20 Shorty Mast 3-foot Double-Reel Mast 3-foot Single-Reel Mast (not shown) Mast Extensions with Connection Joint can be added to your mast for additional height. 3-foot extensions, 1-foot extensions (not shown) Rail Mount Reel includes 150 feet of planer line Type: Planer Board Mast Systems. - $69.99


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