Bert's Custom Tackle Adjustable Downrigger Swivel Base - Stainless Steel - $149.99

When you're serious about fishing, you don't scrimp on quality accessories. Bert's Adjustable Swivel Base is so strong that it's easy to use even on a boat that's moving. A special Polymer bearing system lets you swivel the base with one hand, even with the heaviest downrigger mounted on it. Metal plates back the polymer bearings for added strength. A positive gear lock system locks the swivel at 30, 12 positions without wobble or play. When you pull the adjustment lever, the swivel base swings free until you release the lever. When the lever is released, the pin locks in the center of a tapered gear tooth that's machined into the swivel base. The gear tooth form has tapered walls so that the pin locks out on the sidewall of the gear, ensuring there's no play. The base is designed with weather-resistant aluminum, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and UV-stable plastics. Color: Stainless Steel. Type: Custom Tackle Adjustable Downrigger Swivel Base. - $149.99


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