Berkley Havoc Pit Boss - Electric Blue - $2.99

Designed by professional fisherman Skeet Reese, this Berkley soft bait has fluttering fins that let you present it as a baitfish or a crawfish. The size and action mimic both and are particularly effective for flipping techniques. Reese has won more than $3,000,000 in prize money and plans on using this lure to win even more. Per 8. Made in USA. Length: 3 (per 10) 4 (per 8) Available: (002)Green Pumpkin, (016)Okochobee Craw, (021)Black-Blue, (023)Junebug, (028)Big Texan, (029)California, (030)Lime-Purple Passion, (031)Plum, (032)Sapphire Blue, (033)Vampire Orange, (063)Electric Blue, (069)Green Pumpkin/Green, (070)Watermelon/Orange Fleck, (071)Summer Craw, (072)Green Pumpkin/Purple Fleck. Color: Electric Blue. Type: Creatures. - $2.99