Berkley Gulp! Alive! Bloodworm - Natural (6) - $19.99

Gulp! Alive! is an artificial bait that looks, smells and even tastes like the real thing to attract fish. It has 34 better swimming action than original Gulp!. Scientists at Berkley created this breakthrough super bait to bridge the gap between live and artificial baits. Similar in texture, appearance and scent to real bait, Gulp! Alive! baits also possess the color advantages, shape and action of soft plastics. Gulp! Alive! baits absorb up to 20% more fish attractant by weight than that of standard plastic baits. Gulp! Alive! baits use water-soluble, natural ingredients that release over 400 times the amount of fish-attracting scent of standard plastic baits. The scent trail is so intense that fish cannot resist it. And Gulp! Alive! baits are 100% biodegradable, so any that you lose while fishing will dissolve in the water in about nine months. Because Gulp! Alive! baits are made of natural materials, it takes nearly 36 hours of processing before they are packaged. Berkley leaned heavily during development of this new bait line on the expertise and field-testing of its pro staff like Jay Yelas, Ken Cook, Larry Nixon and Gary Klein, and walleye experts Gary Parks, Al Lindner and Keith Kavajecz. For anglers who've awaited the day that technology successfully tapped the secrets of nature to produce a natural bait, it's the dawning of a new era. Realistic texture and colors imitate the real thing. Outperforms live bloodworms with supercharged scent dispersion and long-lasting durability. Approx. 22 baits. Size: 6 . Colors: (010)Bloody, (051)Bloody Iridescent. Size: 6. Color: Natural. - $19.99


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