Berkley Gulp! Alive! Attractant Spray - $8.99

Berkleys Gulp! Alive! Spray makes any bait taste and smell alive. It enhances the effectiveness of hard baits, spinnerbaits, soft baits or even live bait. It outperforms oil-based attractants, leaving a potent scent trail in the water that causes fish to strike and hold on. This patented formula comes in multiple fish-catching flavors, allowing you to exchange tastes and smells as fishing conditions demand. If you want bone-crushing strikes no matter which bait you choose to use, then Gulp! Alive! Spray should be in your tackle box and on your lures and baits. 8 oz. Available: (001)Garlic, (002)Crawfish, (003)Night Crawler, (004)Crab, (005)Herring, (006)Shrimp, (007)Squid, (010)Menhaden, (012)Shad/Shiner, (013)Minnow. Type: Attractants. - $8.99


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