Berkley Gulp! 6 Extruded Nightcrawlers - (001)Natural/ (002)Red Wiggler - $5.99

The Berkley Gulp! Extruder Nightcrawler blends the scent, appearance and taste of a real nightcrawler with the action, shape and durability of a soft plastic. The Gulp! 6 Nightcrawler can be rigged like other soft plastics and hooked on a spinner, light jig, weightless hook or Lindy rig for hours of action. Part of the new line of Gulp! baits, the Nightcrawlers creation is the result of more than two decades of research by scientists at Berkley and field-testing by the top anglers in the world. Gulp! baits use water-soluble, natural ingredients that release over 400 times the amount of fish-attracting scent of standard plastic baits. The scent trail is so intense that fish cannot resist it. Each jar contains 12, 6 nightcrawlers. Per 1.8-oz. jar. Color: (001)Natural, (002)Red Wiggler. Color: (001)Natural/ (002)Red Wiggler. - $5.99


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