Berkley Double-Hook Walleye Rig Colorado Blade - Chartreuse - $1.99

Hook into your next trophy with a Double-Hook Walleye Rig from Berkley. Colorado-style blades maximize flash and vibration to lure in big fish, and double hooks ensure a solid hookset. Matching beads. Rigged with 48 of 17-lb.-test Trilene XT monofilament line. Per each. Blade sizes: #3, #4. Colors: (001)Purple Rain, (002)Yellow Perch, (003)Blue Silver, (004)Lime Chartreuse, (005)Orange Chartreuse, (006)Clown, (010)Purple Pearl, (011)Sunrise, (012)Hammered Gold, (013)Watermelon, (014)Hammered Silver, (015)Hammered Copper, (016)Fire Perch, (021)Firetiger. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Bait Rigs. - $1.99


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