Bass Mafia Bait Casket Utility Boxes (3600) - $10.99

Bass Mafias Bait Caskets Utility Boxes provide rugged storage solutions to all your fishing-tackle needs. Built with a thicker frame than most stowaways, these tackle boxes secure your gear with four super-durable latches that ensure a watertight seal to keep moisture out and protect your gear from the elements. Available: 3600 Up to 13 slots, interchangeable with standard 3600 boxes. 11L x 7.2W x 2H. 3700 Up to 20 slots, interchangeable with standard 3700 boxes. 14L x 9W x 2H. 3700 Deep Twice the storage capacity of standard 3700 boxes. 14L x 9W x 4H. Size: 3600. Type: Tackle Binders & Utility Boxes. - $10.99


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