Bass Hunter Bass Ba- Charcoal - $649.99

Not only is this boat easy to transport in the back of a pickup truck, but wheels permanently mounted into the stern hull make moving the boat from the truck to the water a snap. Bass Baby is a very stable fishing platform for one or two people, and the twin hull, catamaran design with narrow pontoons make it a true-tracking ride on the water. Features include four no-tip drink holders, eight grip handles for easy carry and storage trays that run the length of the boat on both sides. Two swivel seats on aluminum frames adjust fore and aft, and can be removed for transport. Length: 96". Width: 4-1/2 ft. Weight: 130 lbs. Max capacity: Two people, 475 lbs. max. Max hp rating: 2hp.Color: Charcoal. Color: Charcoal. Type: Small Boat. - $649.99


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