Bass Assassin Sea Shad - Chartreuse (4) - $3.59

This Bass Assassin Sea Shad 4 lure features a solid body with a paddle tail that gives it great action as you move it through the water. Cast it, jig it and even slow-troll it. Youll soon learn that its earned its name. Per 10. Size: 4. Colors: (003)Pumpkinseed/Chartreuse Tail, (004)Salt and Pepper Silver/Chartreuse Tail, (007)Glow/Chartreuse Tail,(012)Electric Chicken, (207)Texas Roach (not shown),(214)Chicken on a Chain, (258)Morning Glory (not shown), (260)Opening Night Glow,(262)Copperhead,(265)Slam Chicken, (266)Mama Chicken, (312)Mamas 14K,(449)Electric Shad,(476)PInk Ghost,. Size: 4. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Soft Plastics. - $3.59


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