Barred Magnum Zonker Strips - Black/Chartreuse - $4.99

Add a barred variation for your Zonkers. They are not cut so the fur angles back. Excellent for imitating the mottling on a sculpin. Wrap two colors together to create a variegated effect. Size: Three strips (approximately 10 long each strip) , 1/8 inch wide. Colors: Barred Pink/Brown/Peach, Barred Purple/Black/White, Barred Green/Brown/Olive, Barred Olive/Black/Olive, Barred Green/Black/Chartreuse, Barred Orange/Brown/Chartreuse, Barred Orange/Black/White, Barred Pink/Brown/Shrimp, Barred Pink/Black/White, Barred Pink/Brown/Chartreuse, Orange/Yellow/Tan, Black/Orange, Blue/Black. Color: Black/Chartreuse. Type: Hair. - $4.99


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