Barnett Predator Ultralight Crossbow Kit - $699.99

BarnettTM Predator Ultralight Crossbow Kit deliver bolts at a blistering 375 F.P.S.! Designed for superior power and speed. A shoot-through foot stirrup cuts overall length, contributing to an amazing 15" power stroke that launches arrows at a lightning-fast 375 F.P.S.! Cheekpiece and stock adjust for custom fit and length of pull. Three 22" arrows and 3-arrow quiver included. Easy to carry and shoot at just a little over 8 lbs. Includes illuminated scope.Boasts:175-lb. draw weightGAMTM (Gas Assist Molded) composite stockCROSSWIRE string and cable systemAnti-dry fire metal-injected trigger.Rope-cocking device. 37" x 24"w.133 ft.-lbs. kinetic energy Patented Carbon Riser Technology CNC machined 7/8" Picatinny rail Step Thru Riser. Includes 4x32mm scope. - $699.99


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