Bandit Lures Series Crankbaits - Chartreuse - $6.19

With their compact, shad-shaped bodies and fish-attracting internal rattles, Bandit Lures Crankbaits are some of the most popular lures with veteran anglers across America. The high-impact plastic bodies are crafted under extremely tight tolerances, ensuring that each and every crankbait runs true. The molded-in bill adds superior durability for bouncing off rocks and stumps to create reaction strikes. With the vast selection of sizes and colors, theres sure to be one to match the primary forage in the area youre fishing. Per each. Sizes: Footloose 2, 1/4 oz., dives 0-1 ft. Series 100 2, 1/4 oz., dives 2-5 ft. Series 200 2, 1/4 oz., dives 2-8 ft. Series 300 2, 1/2 oz., dives 8-12 ft. Colors: (028)Natural Goby, (036)Chartreuse/Blue Back, (038)Bluegill, (049)Red Spring Craw, (050)Brown Fall Craw, (051)Green Speckled Craw, (061)Tennessee Shad, (084)Pearl/Black, (101)Citrus Shad, (111)Pearl/Red Eye, (117)Louisiana Shad, (132)Red Crawfish, (160)Citrus Shad Chrome, (161)Honeydew Brown, (162)Honeydew Blue,(163)Butterscotch, (182)Chrome/Blue, (351)Baby Bass, (590)Sparkle Ghost, (700)Crossbreed, - $6.19


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