Bait Rigs Slo-Poke Jig - Chartreuse - $2.88

The Slo-Poke Jigs weight-centered design makes it sink slowly and horizontally instead of plunging nose first and sinking right to the bottom. This same design feature also gives the jig a more upright posture for better bottom-walking presentations. A neutral buoyancy effect also allows fussy fish to more easily take the bait. The bullet shape means the head stays up and the hook is covered. The strontium-based Glow-In-Color finishes are brighter and longer-lasting colors ideal for night bites, low-light and dark-water presentations. Weedless and snag-resistant. The versatility of this jig provides more setups than conventional weight-forward jigs. Per 3. Sizes: 1/4 oz., 1/8 oz. Colors: Black, Chartreuse/Glow, Firetiger Glow. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Specialty Jigs. - $2.88


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