All BCA airbag packs require an air canister to function Bentgate sells both full and empty BCA canisters K2 Backside Float 15 Airbag System Think safety by BCA and fireworks from K2 This streamlined pack has all the right pockets and straps to stash your gear without any excess Get all the features you need without having to mess with a bunch of excess straps clips or buckles flapping around After all simplicity is a good thing in the backcountry sidecountry or even at the resort Features Panel access makes it easy to get in and out of your load Zippered tool compartment for easy access to your gear Lined goggle pocket keeps expensive optics looking brand new Waist belt pockets for carrying small tools and misc gear chap stik anyone Diagonal ski carry for when you have to bootpack your way up the mountain Dual ice axe carry Exchangeable left or right side trigger great for snowmobilers Height adjustable trigger Daisy chain Fixed leg strap keeps the pack where it needs to be no matter whatPack by K2 airbag by BCA The BCA system used here by K2 uses compressed air in its canister and orings are the only item consumed after the bag is inflated The orings used by the BCA pack arent proprietary You can find the orings you need down at the local hardware store This means that youll still be able to service your BCA pack 20 years down the road regardless of where airbag technology headsOne pillowshaped airbag The majority of airbag manufacturers including MammutSnowpulse ScottAlpride and BCA use a single pillow shaped airbag with a capacity of 150 liters Why Because it works Its that simpleConsumables The BCA system uses compressed air and you can get the canisters filled almost anywhere dive shops paintball shops the local fire department and some backcountry ski shops After deploying the airbag youre in for a couple of easytofind orings The cost for a refill and orings is generally around 15 Theres nothing proprietary about the BCA system and thats a good thing for people who plan on keeping their airbag pack for as long as possible - $429.99


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