Backpacker's Pantry Two-Serving Entrees - Multi - $5.99

Dont sacrifice culinary taste out on the trail just because you have to pack light. Enjoy the succulent flavors of these lightweight, freeze-dried meals. Simply pour boiling water into the heatproof pouch, wait the recommended time, stir and eat. Resealable bags make packing out trash convenient. Available: 13-oz. Beef Stroganoff 13-oz. Pad Thai 12-oz. Fettuccini Alfredo 13-oz. Louisiana Beans and Rice 12-oz. Cajun Chicken and Rice 11-oz. Jamaican Style Chicken and Rice 13-oz. Potatoes and Gravy with Beef 12-oz. Chicken Vindaloo 14-oz. Katmandu Curry Color: Multi. Type: Dehydrated Food. - $5.99


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