B2 Squid Mini Squid - Silver (2.5) - $5.79

Equally effective in saltwater and freshwater, this B2 Squid Mini Squid tempts fish with tantalizing tentacle action. A small hole through the middle makes rigging easy and the Mini Squid can be rigged in a variety of ways. Cast it, jig it, troll it or use it when drift fishing. Youll be pleased with the performance no matter how you fish this lure. Per 6. Size: 2-1/2. Colors: (039)UV Purple Haze, (067)Pink/Silver Flake, (097)Pearl White, (161)Triple Glow Red Flake, (165)Glow Pink. Size: 2.5. Color: Silver. Type: Soft Plastics. - $5.79


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