B2 Squid 9 Rigged Squid - Chartreuse (9 8) - $8.99

A proven soft-plastic lure with a solid body used by pros and commercial fishermen in both saltwater and freshwater environments. Its deadly on halibut, marlins, salmon, large bass and pike. Drift it, troll it or jig it to experience its effectiveness. The lifelike squid is pre-rigged with a 300-lb.-test steel harness and an 8/0 hook. A scent ball in the head gives you the option of adding fish-attracting scents. Per each. Size: 9. Colors: (039)UV Purple Haze, (097)Pearl White, (149)Triple Glow Neon Green, (160)Triple Glow, (161)Triple Glow Red, (162)Triple Glow Green,(165)Triple Glow Pink, (949)Chartreuse. Size: 9 8. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Soft Plastics. - $8.99


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