Atomic Women's Vantage 77 TI + M 10 G Skis - $724.95

The Atomic Women's Vantage 77 TI + M 10 G Skis Are frontside skis designed to enhance your ride in hard Snow conditions. It's lightweight and strong with a mid-waist system that effectively tackles groomed mountain Areas but doesn't shy away from an off-piste challenge. Great for advanced riders who like a stable, reliable ride, it Features added grip via the Energy Backbone and absorbs shock with ease. This ski is paired with the M 10 GW binding that's GripWalk compatible and efficient for just about anyone. Features of the Atomic Women's Vantage 77 TI + M 10 G Skis Prolite: Way of building skis and boots that turns traditional thinking on its head, It starts with the Slimmest possible profile and then it builds up reinforcements in key Areas where strength is needed G?? like the Energy Backbone down each boot spine and ski edge Energy backbone Titanium tank mesh Cap sidewall Light Woodcore: Made from poplar G?? ideal for our powder, all-mountain and freeride touring skis that need to be strong but really light Directional Shape Structured Topsheet: Our topsheets Are lightweight and Highly resistant (made 50% from rapeseed oil) - $724.95


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