ATC - XP - Previous Seasons - $21.95

New for 2012, with multiple friction modes and an updated construction, the ATC-XP belay/rappel device is now 30% lighter than the original and has machined windows through the body. The ATC-XP offers two modes of use so you can give a smooth ride to anyone. Deep, cleated V-grooves provide higher friction for catching heavier climbers or when using smaller ropes in icy conditions. Its thick walls and smooth curves make it incredibly rope friendly. Use the low friction side when belaying lighter climbers, for long rappels on slabs and when you need a little less friction for smoother feeds. Because friction equals heat, the ATC-XPs swanky gel logos insulate your fingers from skin burning heat during rappels. This is a versatile device that offers a tremendous bite and is perfect for all season use. - $21.95


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