Armasight Sirius Gen 2+ Monocular - $1,295.00

The Armasight Sirius SD MG is a high-tech, tough and durable multi-use monocular that delivers great Gen 2+ performance, but at the lowest possible cost. Packed with features, the Sirius SD MG is a unit that is equally at home with the hunter as it is with the professional security officer or law enforcement professional. Mission configurable, the Armasight Sirius SD MG can be hand-held, head/helmet mounted; it can be mounted onto a rifle with a variety of different mounts, or it can be mounted in front of a camcorder or camera for night photography. Optional 3, 5 or 8X lenses can turn it into a long range night viewing device in seconds. The Sirius MG versions offer manual gain control s Mfg: Armasight - $1,295.00


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