Armasight N-15 Gen 2+ QS Night Vision Goggles - $5,239.99

Armasight N-15 Gen 2+ QS Night Vision Goggles are professional quality night-vision and compact performance with a difference you can see in black and white... dual tube redundancy AND depth perception! Skip the green screen adventures! The Armasight N-15 Gen 2+ QS Night Vision Goggles feature high-performing gen 2+ Quicksilver white phosphor image intensifier that lets you see in black and white... that means more of the contrast your eyes and brain are used to seeing and improved detection in every situation! And Quicksilver technology comes in a Gen 2+ tube that packs an impressive 47-54 lp / mm resolution that rivals many gen 3 tubes but at a super value price. It's all yours in a rugged, compact package that's packed with mission-ready features and quality specifications that equal or better military spec! All the good stuff: Automatic brightness control, bright light shut-off circuitry, built-in IR illuminator with spot / flood lens, multi-coated optics... even an adjustable head mount kit that automatically shuts the unit off to preserve battery life when you flip your goggles up! Bring these features into focus: Gen 2+ image intensifier tubes are rated to a sharp 47-54 lp / mm resolution with Quicksilver technology for black and white contrast instead of shades of green Dual-tube design gives vastly-improved depth perception plus Murphy's Law-grade redundancy Auto brightness control and bright light cut-off 1X magnification Built-in infrared illuminator with spot / flood lens provides invisible light when natural light is scarce Lens system: F1.2, 27mm... multi-coated glass lenses ensure crystal-clear views Focus: .25m to infinity 15mm eye relief 40 degrees F.O.V. Rugged, lightweight, waterproof and built for a wide range of applications Easy to use with simple control buttons and eyepiece-only focusing Includes adjustable head mount with flip-up for hands-free use... unit automatically shuts off when flipped up Uses one 3V CR123 lithium battery (includ - $5,239.99