Armasight DT Digital Video Recorder - $354.99

Armasight DT Digital Video Recorder. A HIGH-performance, HIGH-definition DVR to capture the action. Designed to fit select Armasight scopes, the DT Digital Video Recorder is a real-time, easily-operated, professional DVR that consumes minimal power. It features power-up recording, motion-detection, and scheduled / manual recording options. The SD card holds up to 32GB, and is optimized for TV, monitor or PC playback using an SD card reader.The DT DVR is lightweight, extremely durable, and designed to fit ANY Armasight digital or thermal scope (see below for more info), as well as standard MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny or Weaver rails. The included rubber mount ensures quick, easy, and reliable mounting and disassembly. See below for specific model fit.Details:Adjusts for MPEG-4 video compression Single-channel resolution up to D1 (704 x 576) 30 frames-per-second recording Will fit any Armasight digital or thermal scope Will fit any MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny or Weaver rail Rubber mount ensures quick, easy, rock-solid mounting Includes 32GB SD card. Card slot is expandable. Fits Zeus Series:ARMASIGHT Zeus 160 4-8x42 30Hz / 60Hz ARMASIGHT Zeus 160 7-14x75 30Hz / 60Hz ARMASIGHT Zeus 336 3-12x42 30Hz / 60Hz ARMASIGHT Zeus 336 5-20x75 30Hz / 60Hz ARMASIGHT Zeus 640 2-16x42 30Hz / 60Hz ARMASIGHT Zeus 640 3-24x75 (30Hz) ARMASIGHT Zeus 4 160-30. Prometheus Series:Prometheus 160 4-8x42 30Hz / 60Hz Prometheus 160 7-14x75 30Hz / 60Hz Prometheus 336 3-12x42 30 Hz / 60Hz Prometheus 336 5-20x75 30Hz / 60Hz Prometheus 640 2-16x42 (30Hz) Prometheus 640 3-24x75 (30Hz). Helios Series:Helios 160 7-14x75 30Hz / 60Hz Helios 336 3-12x42 30Hz / 60Hz Helios 336 5-20x75 30Hz Helios 640 2-16x42 30 Hz Helios 640 3-24x75 30Hz Helios 160 4-8x42 30Hz / 60Hz. Apollo Series:Apollo 160 19mm 30Hz / 60Hz Apollo 324 42mm 30 Hz / 60Hz Apollo 640 30Hz42mm 30Hz. Other models:Janus 5X / 10X Bit 5X / 10X Drone PRO 5X / 10X CIPHER. - $354.99