Armasight CO-MR Gen 3P Night Vision Clip-on System - $4,604.99

Armasight CO-MR Gen 3P Night Vision Clip-on System. As one of the most-advanced Night Vision systems commercially available, this Armasight CO-MR Gen 3P Night Vision Clip-On System boasts incredible clarity, versatility and toughness whether you're part of the local police force, or simply looking to eliminate varmints from your property. No more switching optical enhancements once day turns to night... here, the Clip-On System attaches securely to the front of your existing scope! No more fussing with calibration and adjustments when you switch from one to the other, either! A detachable infrared illuminator brightens your view, and in case of a flashlight blast or other unexpected intensity change in ambient light, the bright light cut-off system protects protects the image intensifying tube from harm.Features:1X magnification Mounts in front of any daytime scope, no zeroing required Automatic brightness control Bright light cut-off system protects the image intensifying tube from harm Detachable long range IR illuminator Quick-release mount Bright light indicator Low battery indicator Includes wireless remote control Mil-standard compliant Includes lens cap, light suppressor, Picatinny adapter, carrying case, battery adapter, and lens tissue Runs on 1 CR123A battery (included) or 1 AA battery (not included) Measures 3.2 x 3.2 x 7.1"l. Weighs 1.5 lbs. Specifications:IIT generation: Gen 3 high-performance ITT pinnacle Resolution: 64-72 lp / mm Photocathode type: thin-filmed auto-gated IIT Lens system: F1:1.65, 80mm 12.6 degrees F.O.V. Range of focus: to infinity Controls: direct Battery life: 60 hours (CR123A) or 30 hours (AA) Environmental rating: waterproof Operating temperature: -40 degrees to 122 degrees F. - $4,604.99