Arizona Archery Elite Plastifletch Vanes With Fastset Gel 3 7/8 and 4 3/4 - Orange - $11.99

AAEs Elite Plastifletch has better memory than any other vane made. Plus, theyre one-third lighter than other vanes and have a textured surface that allows them to guide the arrow more efficiently. An activator applied to the concave base improves adhesion of Fastset glue. Comes with 3-gram tube of Fastset gel. Per 50. Sizes:3 7/8, 4 3/4. Colors: (002)Gold, (003)Black, (004)Yellow, (005)Red, (007)White, (009)Green, (026)Orange, (027)Pink. Color: Orange. Type: Arrow Vanes. - $11.99